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What is RPA(Robotic Process Automation)?
RPA (Robotic Process Automation) is an approach utilizing cognitive technology including artificial intelligence and machine learning to assist and substitute routine tasks or even sophisticated work that has been considered to be only manageable by humans.

RPA has a high affinity for back office work

Operations suitable for robot (RPA) conversion
Bulk processing
Iterative work
Predictable tasks (including pattern recognition)
Works with seasonal fluctuations in volumes and tasks with hard-to-read peak values

Overall back office operations are a target for cost reduction

Possibility of considerable cost reductions

  • Cost reduction based on personnel cost difference and standardization:

    The limit is15to30%

  • Cost reduction using RPA:

    40to75% is feasible

Source: KPMG Consulting Co., Ltd.

Business automation platform using AI RPA robotSM (AI-RPA RoboSM)

  • AI OCR Digital Scanner

  • Business operations using artificial intelligence

    Automation of business operations, automated ground analysis, automated natural language processing etc.

  • Cause analysis

    Interpretation of causes in big data, analysis of reasons behind sales results, finding failure sources etc.

  • Prediction

    Delay prediction, failure prediction, product price forecast, demand forecast, stock amount forecast etc.

  • AI Scan Robo

  • AI Finance Robo

  • AI Chatbot Robo

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