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Our efforts were published in "Impact of RPA Revolution" written by Nobuyuki Osumi.

January 05, 2017

Our approach to artificial intelligence was introduced in chapter 6: "RPA to evolve and broaden the utilization space" of "The impact of the RPA revolution" (Toyo Keizai Shimbun) written by Nobuyuki Osumi.

Nobuyuki Osumi

Representative Director, Japanese RPA Association / President, RPA Technologies, Inc.

After graduating from Waseda University, joined Andersen Consulting Co., Ltd.(currently Accenture Co., Ltd.).

In 2000 established Open Associates Co., Ltd., became a director, established the Biz Robo Division, started providing a service called "BizRobo!". In 2013 established Biz Robo Japan Co., Ltd. (current RPA Technologies, Inc.) and assumed the position of Representative Director and President.