Implementation Process

AI-based RPA robot implementation process

Please prepare what you think the ideal scenario for AI implementation at your company would look like (intent, usage, background information).

STEP1Initial Consultation


Examination of details
  • Confirmation of intent and background information
  • AIPOC judgement
  • Necessary data
  • Things to be prepared by your company (budget, work, organization).
  • Details of assistance provided by our company (work, organization).

STEP2Data Preparation

Your company’s preparation period

Data preparation
  • Preparation of the data needed to construct an AI.Note: This work needs to be carried out on your company’s side, with input from members of our team as necessary.

STEP3Prototype Construction

1 month between construction to actual use

Prototype construction
  • Algorithm examination
  • AI block construction
  • Prototype system construction
Prototype put to use
  • Data collected by prototype used to construct AI, AI implemented and put into operation
  • Verification of effectiveness

Decision about feasibility

Around 1 week allotted to make the decision

Accuracy inspection
  • 90% or above=move towards full implementation
  • 60% or below=Further POC continuation
  • Decision about whether to discontinue project midway through
Consideration of type of usage
  • Considerations leading up to full implementation

Full implementation/development

Internal implementation
  • Initial cost (full-on system development)
  • Monthly fee (robot monthly fee)
Commercial use type
  • Individual business review