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ISID and Net Smile Form an AI-OCR Sales Partnership

August 08, 2019

ISID and Net Smile Form an AI-OCR Sales Partnership
--Supporting RPA-based operational streamlining
by providing highly accurate readings of atypical documents--

Information Services International-Dentsu, Ltd. (Head Office: Minato-ku, Tokyo; President and CEO: Ryoichi Nawa; hereinafter, "ISID") and Net Smile, Inc. (Head Office: Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo; CEO: Yoshimitsu Saito; hereinafter, "Net Smile"), a developer of AI-related services, have concluded a sales partnership agreement. This agreement concerns AI Scan Robot®, an AI-OCR digital scanner developed and provided by Net Smile. Through this agreement, the two companies will combine RPA* and AI-OCR to provide support for companies aiming to automate and streamline operations that involve the processing of atypical documents.

As corporate work-style reforms pick up speed, many companies are using RPA to improve operational efficiency. However, a large number of target operations involve exchanging documents with many different business partners, and the conversion of paper documents to data has become an issue, resulting in occasional cases in which RPA cannot be implemented smoothly. Conventional OCR systems have had particular difficulty reading characters from documents with formats that vary by business partner, such as invoices and order forms, a factor that has hindered efforts to raise operational efficiency.

The AI Scan Robot system developed by Net Smile creates and stores templates based on AI analyses of atypical document formats allowing repeatedly registered business client data to be read more quickly and accurately. Additionally, the system's AI studies the results of its readings on an ongoing basis, leading to increased accuracy over the duration of its use. ISID will support the implementation of RPA in operations that involve the processing of atypical documents, such as order receipt and bill payment, by augmenting AI Scan Robot's merits with its extensive knowledge regarding core business system construction and RPA installation.

Through this agreement, both companies will contribute to work-style reforms and productivity improvement throughout society by offering AI Scan Robot to a large number and wide variety of companies.

* Robotic Process Automation (RPA): The robotic automation of business operations. Also called "digital labor."



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About ISID

ISID is a technology company utilizing its solid technological and creative capabilities to support the digital transformation of society and client companies. In addition to expertise accumulated since its founding in the financial services and product development domains, ISID continues to generate valuable solutions contributing to the resolution of issues facing society and client companies through achievements in the creation of systems supporting human resources, accounting and other core corporate activities, the leveraging of Dentsu Group marketing know-how and open innovation initiatives aimed at the practical application of IoT, robotics, AI and other cutting-edge technologies throughout society.

About Net Smile

Net Smile's mission is to "create an artificial intelligence able to think just like a human." Accordingly, Net Smile provides a variety of AI-based RPA solutions while striving to create an AI agent that is comfortable to be with, always encourages users from close by and does its best to help users to grow by providing assistance when needed.

● Development of and support for AI- and machine-learning-based simulation programs

● Primarily deals in AI used for RPA, operational automation, natural language processing, chatbots and investment.

● Develops and provides support for computer simulation programs

● Develops and provides support for mathematical programs and programs that perform technical calculations or analyze data.

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