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Is it possible to automate high-level analysis of the kind normally performed by humans—such as ground analysis—with AI?

Case overview

There was a request from a ground analytics company about whether AI could automate the ground analysis work that the company's ground experts were doing.

Background / Challenges

  • Due to an increase in the amount ground analysis work, the number of staff performing the ground analysis increased, and with that labor costs also increased.
  • To reduce the cost of ground analysis work, utilize AI technology and conduct research into developing an AI ground analysis system.
  • Goals for the future include building an AI ground analysis system using AI that can do all the ground analysis automatically including surveys.

Results / Outlook

Implemented a system that uses AI to automatically analyze based on survey data. It works in coordination with a system that captures survey data from the field in real time, then displays the results of the determination instantaneously.

Our solution

Development of an AI ground analysis system
    1. 1Classify the ground analytics data into 2 patterns by AI. ① A%:Ground analytics by AI ② B%:Ground analytics by human
    2. 2Operate “①Ground analytics by AI”
    3. 3Operate “②Ground analytics by human”
    4. 4Correct the fales recognition data (C%) by human
    5. 5Make AI re-learn according to the corrected data
    6. 6Operage 1 and 2 again by AI (5)
  • The accuracy of data recognition by AI improves
flow chart

The ground analysis is categorized into two patterns by flow chart. The results of AI ground analysis and human ground analysis are compared. By correcting the data recognized by AI and making the AI re-learn it, the AI is further trained and accuracy improves.